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CPPC Therapy 

Welcome to the CPPC website, a unique Centre located in the UK specializing in the provision of tailored therapy to children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and other brain injuries. Our patients currently range in age from 5 months to 77 years old and come to us from locations as far afield as the USA and Europe.

CPPC Offers:

  • CPPC treats each patient as an individual
  • Each new patient will receive a free comprehensive assessment.
  • Our individual therapy programmes set realistic beneficial targets.
  • Unique specialised equipment and blend of methodologies.
  • Our principle core values are based on honesty, integrity and always acting in your best interest.
  • We operate through first hand knowledge and experience.

On this page is a summary of what we aim to achieve through our therapy and the philosophy behind it.Please explore our site though for further information. We are very happy to answer questions about our Centre, the therapy or Cerebral Palsy and brain injuries in general.